Who are we?

At the business of mindfulness we have over 30 years of working within business

The business was created by Chris Hopkirk and Hayley Aghanian to meet the needs of companies that required support in developing mental health and wellbeing strategies. Having worked in business together as directors and responsible for the running of the business they realised how hard it was to create a sustainable culture of safety for employees to be vulnerable about their mental health and wellbeing. Having their day job to run the business as well as create this culture was extremely difficult to achieve and they realised that they needed help. Ultimately, they decided that the passion and experience they had for creating a safe culture that embraced mental health and wellbeing was something they wanted to bring to other companies. So The Business of Mindfulness was born.

Chris Hopkirk

Managing Director

Originally a Sales & Marketing Director involved in various SME businesses, Chris was first attracted to mindfulness to help him deal with the anxiety and stress of running a business.

Mindfulness enabled him to become aware of his reactive behaviours and by working mindfully he was able to bring an equanimity to his day-to-day engagement and ultimately was able to introduce it to his staff.

Due to this engagement, Chris saw that he could introduce mindfulness & mental health first aid into other businesses.

Ultimately he wanted to help the owners, directors, managers, and staff become happier and more engaged. This then developed into supporting companies with a sustainable mental health and wellbeing strategy.

The introduction of these stratgeies results in a more successful outcome for everyone, both in their business or in their personal lives

Chris is an accredited Breathworks Teacher & First Aid for Mental Health instructor.

Hayley Aghanian

Wellbeing Director

Originally an Operations director in an SME, Hayley was responsible for the organisational health and culture of the business, and as she changed the culture of the business, she was also responsible for implementing a mental health and wellbeing strategy that saw benefits in reducing absenteeism and improving retention. She also embraced job role assessment tools that enabled her to help employees work to their strengths.

Wishing to follow her aim to support companies with sustainable strategies she joined Chris in this journey to provide the support and advice she had learnt from her own experience.